[Tagging] Proposal: Energy generator power types

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Mon Aug 16 19:02:00 BST 2010


I am tagging low carbon / renewable energy generators in London, and have
made a proposal to improve the granularity of the schema:


Basically I have deprecated "power_type=photovoltaic" and
"power_type=solar-thermal", which combine two bits of information (source of
energy, and type of energy generated). This also allows for adequate tagging
of generators that produce more than one type of energy from a single
source, such as a gas-fired combine heat and power plant.

I have downloaded a complete dump via XAPI of all photovoltaic and
solar-thermal panels; there aren't too many to correct if this proposal is

Please comment on the proposal.

Tom Chance

http://tom.acrewoods.net   http://twitter.com/tom_chance
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