[Tagging] Non Proposed Features

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Tue Aug 17 07:11:14 BST 2010

 >1. So what is your idea? What do you think of how it can be improved?

 >2. Yes of course, otherwise I wouldn't ask here ;) But once again, 
this is not a good/bad feature discussion. It's just the question of new 
and may be problematic features should be taken back to /proposed for 
further discussion

 >3 Yes a team of moderators would be fine. But everybody that does this 
task might be accused to be unfair, nagging,...and to supress 
freedom.(again we are not talking about final tagging, this is everyones 
personal decission, just a 'well ok we think the idea is wellformed'). 
This is funny because nobody accused the editor devs to beeing some kind 
of anti-freedom even if they have to take similar choices ;)

Might it be true that there is gap between the people that are wiki 
centered and this ones on the mailinglists? Thats bad that are similar 
tolls but with different pros/cons. :(


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