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Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Tue Nov 9 09:53:15 GMT 2010

Further to the culture proposal discussions...

Can anyone tell me where the various theatre:genre tags were discussed, put
through the proposal process and voted on? I can only find evidence on the
wiki of the original proposal in 2006 for amenity=theatre (which I voted

It looks like they were added without any proper discussion in February this

The reason I ask is that the values pose two big problems.

The first problem is that there is no way to be explicit "this theatre shows
both drama, cabaret, musical theatre and comedy". One could just not define
the genres to imply multiple values, but then with such a range of genres
available it could be mistaken for a concert hall or a puppet theatre.

The second problem is the whole music category, which I think belongs in a
separate amenity/culture tag. In English, you would very rarely use the word
"theatre" in connection with a place where you appreciate musical
performances. They are concert halls, music venues, etc. If I download OSM
data and find a node tagged as amenity=theatre, I shouldn't need to delve
into all the other tags to discover that it isn't actually a theatre at all
- that it is in fact a local rock music venue or the country's most
prestigious concert hall.

I would like to remove those genre tags and put them through a proper
proposal. Any thoughts?


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