[Tagging] steel worker and smaller concrete structures on site

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri Apr 15 19:34:30 BST 2011

On 4/15/11 2:18 PM, Brad Neuhauser wrote:
> Hold it, there was consistency in the past?  :)
> IANACW (construction worker) but framer seems like it would be generic 
> and could apply to steel or wood framing.  I think some (many?) 
> carpenters in the US know how to work with steel for framing as well 
> as wood.
> As further information, from my understanding of standard construction 
> in the US, first things get framed, then the walls are put up (usually 
> they're sheetrock or drywall, I think people use the verb "hang" as in 
> "today we're going to hang the sheetrock"), then tape and mud the 
> seams (and there are people who specialize in this step, called 
> "tapers"), then any finishing work (painting, woodwork, etc). 
>  Somewhere in there electrical and plumbing work gets done.
>  In searching, I also came across the term "ironworker" which applies 
> to larger buildings, bridges, etc.
the generic term in the US is contractor, e.g. framing contractor, plumbing
contractor, electrical contractor, sheet rock contractor, painting 
the general contractor has overall supervision of the job site,

wood framing is normal in residential construction, but steel studs are 
used in commercial applications these days. framing either way is a pretty
basic skill set. finish carpentry requires a much more demanding skill set
than either sort of framing.


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