[Tagging] power=tower enhancement

Nick Austin nick.w.austin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 20:12:36 GMT 2011


I've heard the term riser used before but only in the context of
getting pipes and cables into tall buildings. I can't offer an opinion
as to whether it's the right term or not.

As far as the UK is concerned this won't help much for many reasons:
1) Poles are often shared with telephone and fibre optic cables and
these also have their own risers.
2) Smaller power lines (up to 11kV) often go down one riser, cross a
road (or other obstruction) then up another riser to continue their
3) Where three cables meet one of two of them may come up a riser and
it's impossible to tell which is the supply cable and which is leading
to a destination.
4) When underground cables fail they are often abandoned and left in
place. The ends of the cable are disconnected at the top of each

And finally I think that it's going to be difficult for many people to
verify that the information is correct. I'm not keen on having
information in the OSM database that can only be checked and updated
by very few people.


On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 7:26 PM, Guillaume Allegre
<allegre.guillaume at free.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to propose a new tag on a power=tower (or power=pole) node.
> riser=yes
> to explain that the power line comes up from underground at this tower/pole.
> This would be an equivalent to noexit=yes for the roads, and would allow to
> quality analysis tools to better handle this situation, where a power line
> apparently stops.
> By the way, I'm not a native english speaker. I found this term "riser" on
> this technical documentation here :
> http://psc.wi.gov/thelibrary/publications/electric/electric11.pdf
> but maybe there exists a better term for this.

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