[Tagging] Open cut mining

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Sat Feb 5 22:30:36 GMT 2011

Elizabeth Dodd <edodd at ...> writes:

> > 2011/2/5 Elizabeth Dodd <edodd <at> billiau.net>:
> > > I'm tracing a big open cast mine ...
> the residential village and the airstrip are part of the mining site
> from the social and economic points of view - single owner, single
> purpose 
> the 132km of haul road also belongs in the economic view of the mining
> site, but would not be appropriate in a polygon, but could be added to
> a relation, which was why I was suggesting relation

Sounds like a relation to me.
I don´t know how we map normal civic communities, I guess only by anode and then
you have to figure out what belongs there according to proximity.

Good luck!
/Johan Jönsson

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