[Tagging] Tagging long roads

Andrew Errington a.errington at lancaster.ac.uk
Wed Feb 16 03:22:13 GMT 2011


I have noticed inconsistencies and discrepancies in motorway names here in 
Korea.  I can fix this because I have photographed the roadsigns which give 
the correct names, however, the motorway ways are split into many (many!) 
segments due to bridges, tunnels, changes in numbers of lanes or speed limits 
etc.  Plus, there are two ways for each segment (one in each direction).

Is there a tool which will 'follow' a way based on some unchanging tag (e.g. 
ref=*) and alter other tags on each segment it finds?  I only want to change 
the name=* tag.  I don't want to change any other tags as they represent 
other mappers' work.

Thank you,


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