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Your examples are rather ridiculous.  A Viking captain, or King Arthur's sword, would not be logical items to have on a map.  A building or archaeological site likely would be on a map, and tagging them with the civilization and era would make it easy to generate special-interest maps.

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 I made a starting page. I also added some initial values for
 historic:period to the page, but there is still space for more detail,
 e.g. historic:era to put the name of a regent/despot or what the
 classification is. I would like to have the page in the end quite
 detailed, including years (if possible) and so on.

Am I the only one who is thinking that such information are better placed in Wikipedia than in OSM ? Or many of this list readers decided to lazily shut their mouth because they hope  that such tags will never become popular ? 
 What is the next proposal : a tag for the name of the captain of the viking boats who invaded England during first millenium ? A subtag for the weight and length of the king Arthur's sword ?

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