[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Club

Alessio Zanol nardei at infinito.it
Tue Jun 7 13:50:18 BST 2011

In data martedì 7 giugno 2011 14:27:32, Leandro Motta Barros ha scritto:
> I don't how typical clubs (or associations, whatever) are in other
> countries (or even in other parts of my own country...), but here in
> the part of Brazil where I live the "type" of a club is frequently a
> bit fuzzy.

Thank you for your feedback Leandro.
I understand what you say and, in general, we know how is hard to concentrate 
the variety of the world in a key/value tag :)
For this reason at the bottom of the club=* list I put a generic "first-level" 
tag: leisure=club
I would like to discuss with the list about the possible usage of 
Should we set it as strongly suggested tag to use in every club mapped? Or do 
you think that club=* only is enough for most of uses?
I have no doubt about this. I would prefer a first-level + subtag (if known) 
(see: leisure=club + club=*). But I would like to know what the community 
thinks about this.


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