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crom crom9 at online.de
Sat Mar 12 09:25:40 GMT 2011

Hi Peter,
> ...
>> ...
> ... protect_class
protect_class doesn´t exist anywhere. It should be an OSM-own tag.

but I made a decision for "protect_type" because it implies less any 
quality rating than "_class" and its shorter.
it should have its "valence" in combination with protected_area.

> While I agree that protect_id is far from perfect, I would suggest you to
> ADD the new tags
> ADD a note explaining why protect_id is not good and why that should 
> be overtaken by usage of protect_class
> but STAY with the existant protect_ids for now.
than I will update the wiki-page ...

- instead protect_id the key protect_type

and start the follwoing external ID-keys with a "ref:"

ref:NLWKN=NSG LÜ 259
_Question_ ist, if names-syntax above is usefull, because its barely 
significant, better:
ref:protection_code_NLWKN=NSG LÜ 259
ref:hecl_code_BAYER=UZT 56 HH

> That at least helps every application using these tags to change in 
> the future.
> Additionally you don't destroy the work of other people without their 
> permission (a little bit more polite).
oh ... I thought, most of mapper would not realise this "backend-action" 
and would be a kind of happy ... but yes, your right.

> ...

regards, crom
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