[Tagging] Locating the voting page for a tag

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Mon Mar 14 09:15:35 GMT 2011

On 14.03.2011 03:12, David Murn wrote:
>> I’ve gone and fixed some of the flaws. For example, the page was
>> implying that something is render a certain way, but was really just
>>> making rendering suggestions.
> If you really want to correct the situation, work the other way and make
> your choice of render follow the rules that 'something is rendered a
> certain way'.

That's exactly what's wrong with the phrasing on that wiki page. You
cannot define "rules" that something is rendered a certain way and
expect renderers to follow them. The wiki tagging pages document how to
represent a certain aspect of reality in the database, and nothing else.

Valid statements could be "tag x is rendered as z by renderer A" or "tag
x is commonly rendered as z". You can describe how renderers interpret a
tag, but you cannot prescribe it.

> If shop=florist doesnt render in renderer A but it does in renderer B,
> that doesnt mean that you should rewrite the wiki page to say that
> shop=florist is really only a rendering suggestion.

A closer comparison would be a wiki page that says "shop=florist is
rendered as a red flower".

That wiki page should then be fixed by either removing that statement
entirely, or changing it to "MegaShopMap 2.0 renders shop=florist as a
red flower".

If the tag's definition is based on some widely known standard, you can
even write something like "the tag shop=florist is equivalent to the
'Red Flower' label as defined by SMSB 2011-31337". But that still
doesn't mean that renderers have to use the standardized symbol.

Tobias Knerr

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