[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Sidewalks as separate ways

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Fri Mar 25 11:57:10 GMT 2011

David Paleino wrote:
> Come on, it's like any other relation. If potlatch can't support *ANY* 
> kind of relation editing, it's not my fault. It's a bug. I don't use 
> Potlatch, so I can't tell how advanced his support for relations is.

Not good enough.

It is incumbent on you, as someone proposing to tell others how to map, that
you make sure they _can_ easily map in this way. At the very least, you
should have tried to use Potlatch 2 to find out before posting. It would
take you about ten seconds.

As it happens Potlatch 2 has very very good relations support (and I can say
that with impunity because I didn't write that bit!). Relation usage,
arguably, only took off in the first place when P1 added relation support,
because the UI was so much more immediate and understandable than JOSM's.

But, nonetheless, actions have consequences. Pulling schemes out of thin air
and pretending they have no connection with the real-world editors,
renderers, routers and indexers that people use is one of the reasons why
the wiki tag process is so utterly discredited.

We _all_ have a responsibility to make OSM editing accessible to newcomers.
Some of us are already working flat-out to do so. If you want to "extend"
the data model, therefore adding more for newcomers to learn, _you_ need to
do your bit to make sure that this won't make OSM more complicated. That
might mean talking to the developers of the biggest editors and renderers,
that might mean writing some comprehensible beginner-friendly docs, or
whatever. But you can't just expect those of us who are already donating
vast amounts of time to necessarily indulge you in your tagging whims.


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