[Tagging] Nuclear Key

Pierre-Alain Dorange pdorange at mac.com
Sun Mar 27 11:24:39 BST 2011

Following recent international events, i start study nuclear site on

Nuclear power plant seems presents and use 
        power_rating=2000 MW
but according to wiki, this was obsolete and needs :
        generator:methode=fusion (fission)
        generator:output:electricity=2000 MW

This (new ?) schema seems not often used (some plant has the 2).

But the other question is related to other "nuclear" site : military,
stocks, nuclear garbage, nuclear waste burried, nuclear explosion site
and so on...
I found nothing (but perhaps i miss) for tagging such site.

Pierre-Alain Dorange
OSM experiences : <http://www.leretourdelautruche.com/map/>

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