[Tagging] Residential gardens: deprecate leisure=garden, suggest alternative

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Mon May 23 15:52:51 BST 2011

Am 23.05.2011 14:57, schrieb Vincent Pottier:
> Le 23/05/2011 14:17, Craig Wallace a écrit :
>> On 23/05/2011 12:15, Andrew Chadwick (lists) wrote:
>>> I'm suggesting that we remove the language on
>>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:leisure%3Dgarden which recommends
>>> leisure=garden for tagging private residential gardens. The talk page
>>> entry is at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:leisure%3Dgarden
>>> and I welcome your comments!
>>> This mini-proposal suggests A) removing the language from the first and
>>> second English-language paragraph describing residential gardens, and B)
>>> suggesting
>>>      landuse=residential
>>>      residential=garden
>>> as an alternative tagging scheme. My rationale for doing this:
>> I agree with all this for not using leisure=garden.
>> Though I think it would be simpler to just tag them as
>> residential=garden, without the landuse tag.
>> Usually you would have landuse=residential around the whole area, then
>> map individual gardens and houses etc within that.
>> No need to use two tags when one will say just as much.
> Hum ! Interesting.
> I imagine we could map a large area with a landuse=residential, and
> inside, in micromapping, polygons with residential=garden.
> It would avoid having several polygons ovelapping with landuse tags, or
> a multipolygon with thousand inner members producing errors in postGIS
> when several inners are juxtaposed.
> So we can easily combine different mapping level.
> Mapnik would give different renderings, with transparency.
> A way that seems good to explore...


at least for many landuses this might work. For farmland this will solve
mircomapping of fields and keep the landuse as a bigger area.

Even residential=road/street would be possible.


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