[Tagging] second_hand shops

Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Fri Nov 4 10:26:33 GMT 2011

Hi all,

I find the current proposals for "second_hand" not well describing and
confusing (different on different Wiki pages).

Any type of shop may sell second_hand goods, so it seems to be an
additional property. The shop's most important property is WHAT IT
SELLS, and whether it is second hand is secondary detail.

My basic idea is:


This cannot cover the situations when the shop sells ONLY second hand,
or BOTH new and second hand. I need ideas for that, because I find this
difference important.

Current status research


"A shop buying and selling used clothes and other things."

---> this mixes any products together, not good.


Recommends using "shop=books" and "shop=clothes" instead, which is
right, but then the important fact of "second hand" is lost.


Recommends using "shop=second_hand" and "second_hand=books", but then
all those book shops are not found anymore in book searches, unless book
searches are improved to an unnecessary complexity. Also gone from the
map when shop=second_hand is not marked. This puts priority on
second_hand and reduces the priority of WHAT is sold. I don't think
people searches that way! ("Give me anything used!")


Shops should be primarily tagged by what they sell. Second hand should
be added as an additional property of the shop.  This could keep second
hand book, clothes, computer, etc "on the map" when searching such
places, and users can get "second hand" info for special views or when
requesting more details.



no = don't add second_hand tag
yes = second_hand=yes
both = ??? problem ???

This is similar to female=yes, male=yes, where one excludes the other
unless also specified. But a similar method cannot be applied here I


I'll make a wiki page based on feedback.

Many thanks,
Ferenc Veres

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