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Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Sat Nov 5 10:59:31 GMT 2011

2011.11.04. 11:59 keltezéssel, Martin Koppenhoefer írta:
>> Any type of shop may sell second_hand goods, so it seems to be an
>> additional property. The shop's most important property is WHAT IT
>> SELLS, and whether it is second hand is secondary detail.
>> My basic idea is:
>> second_hand=yes
> this will force all maps that show book shops or shops for clothing to
> check for this key. 

Why? It it still a book shop or clothes shop primarily.

> Basically not all products are sold second_hand,
> but there is quite some). And there is also shops that sell both:
> second_hand and new stuff (think of cars). So instead of
> second_hand=yes/no I'd prefer something like
> second_hand=only/additionally (maybe even second_hand=few/mostly).
> The problem is similar as with rental: some do only rent, others do
> both, some don't rent.

Yes, this was my main concern about wording of the tag. I think "yes"
value is much easier to remember than "only", I really would like to
hear other native English speakers about the other value:

"additionally" is too complicated, while it could be simply tagged

could be


(however it's not easy on a GUI either, it needs a dropdown)

> You could have keys for all products that are sold, e.g.
> shop=second_hand (or bicycle/books/...), where we recommend to use
> second_hand if they do not sell new products and the other values if
> they also sell second hand stuff.
> plus
> second_hand:clothes=only/additionally
> second_hand:furniture=
> second_hand:cars=
> second_hand:vinyl_records=

I'd prefer simple wording and simple tagging. Seems you find
"second_hand" more important than what is sold. This tagging would kill
rendering and search-result of all shops that sell second_hand stuff
when searched by product. And would require extra complexity to search
it, just because it's second_hand, while second_hand shops are at least
as common and loved by customers than normal shops.

Thank you,

Ferenc Veres

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