[Tagging] RFC: Names localization

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Wed Aug 1 17:28:12 BST 2012

Petr Morávek [Xificurk] <xificurk at ...> writes:
> Johan Jönsson wrote:
> > By the way, is it only meant as an internal OSM-thing or is it supposed to 
> > also be a mapping of official languages in the place (or official 
> > expected on road signs)?
> Could you provide an example, where those two are different?
> The proposal was primarily meant to fix the unclear meaning of bare name
> tag, but it's still just the first draft.

Sorry if I am getting to theoretical on the subject of how to write tags.

I was wondering about the reason for this tag,
*is it to explain the languages in the tag name:
(if, like in your bruxelles-brussel example, is two names I guess that the 
order is important)
*or is it aimed at noting information from wikipedia on the official languages 
of this place (probably ordered after number of speakers but with 
administrative language first or something).
*It could also be meant to explain something that might not exist on 
wikipedia, in what languages and scripts the road signs usually are on the 
place. In the greece capital Athens there are usually the name in greek 
letters first and then in roman letters (gr and gr_rom maybe).

I do not say that these things generally differ much, I just say that which of 
these that is supposed to be tagged could be good to know.

If we leave the cities I could think of a nice example.
A pub or maybe camping place where they have a sign outside telling what 
languages the staff speaks, seen these on swedish camping places.

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