[Tagging] Advice & clarification of the railway tracks=* tag required.

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Thu Aug 16 19:18:17 BST 2012

On 16/08/2012 14:46, Richard Mann wrote:
> Dave has been quite rude,

I believe you've confused the meanings of the words rude & critical. I 
initially asked a civil, simple question to which you've continuously 
evaded giving a direct response. Any curtness on my part is due to your 
repeated reluctance to go along with the majority view.

> and completely dismissive of the value of anything other than his 
> interpretation of what the wiki states.

Come again? The wiki interpretation (which I didn't write) has been 
agreed by many, many users. (I would say everyone except you). To double 
check I came here for clarification - All who replied agree with the 
wiki. It's disappointing you thought it acceptable to hi-jack a tag just 
to suit your requirements.

> Since Peter (ITO) seems moderately relaxed about the tracks info being 
> deleted where there are multiple tracks (and he's the only known 
> user), I'll probably remove the tags.

No Richard, removing them is as bad as keeping them with your erroneous 
values. You need to return them to their original state. Please make 
sure it's only your edits you amend.

Dave F.

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