[Tagging] Status of maxspeed:wet

Ole Nielsen on-osm at xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 3 19:27:41 GMT 2012

I intentionally chose not to deprecate maxspeed:wet as I had the feeling 
that doing so might upset some people and I didn't want such minor 
issues to affect the voting process. Of course I will recommend to use 
the conditional scheme and hope we can make a recommendation to 
deprecate the maxspeed:wet tag if there is no strong opposition to do so.

BTW, I'm not sure how useful the wet tag (old style or new style) is. 
You will need some damn precise and detailed weather forecasts for a 
route planner to be able to use such information. And usually it is only 
fairly short sections of highway having such tags so the impact is 
minimal (and in my experience drivers pretty much ignore such signs anyway).

Ole / polderrunner

On 03/12/2012 19:35, Rob Nickerson wrote:
> The conditional access restrictions proposal did not specify that this
> :wet tag suffix would be deprecated (in fact it stated quite the
> opposite). From a developers point of view however, it is beneficial if
> we use a consistent tagging scheme, which is what the conditional tag
> was designed to introduce. I would therefore suggest switching to the
> new tagging scheme, however I'll leave you to decide for yourself. As
> always the "anything is better than nothing" rule applies in this situation.
> Rob
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