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> 2012/12/8 A.Pirard.Papou <A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com>
> > I have to tag a number of what we call ch?teau(x) in French.

> I think "castle" and also "stately home"/"mansion" and maybe also "ch?teau"
> could all be fine for these ;-).
> http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/mull/torosaycastle/index.html
> Hence, inescapably  building=ch?teau  but that doesn't seem to exist.
> Fortunately there is not a single one in the current db according to
> taginfo, so you are free to do what you want ;-)
> Cheers,
> Martin

Hi, I struggled with the same taggs and made a list, not complete yet with military and other buildings used and build long ago up to nowadays. Military  Hillfort or ringfort,       simple round stronghold with (earth)walls 600
– 900 AD

Military  Fortress,                     build of wood or stone (The
Tower of London Gb, 1100 AD or  Fort William Henry Ny 1750 AD) 

Military  Stronghold,                 simple
arrow like earth walls with ditch or trench 1300 AD

Historic  Castle                         stonebuilding
to impress, (Pfalzgrafenstein De) 1320 AD

Military   Motte- or baileytower a tower made of wood or
stone, a shelter standing on a hilltop, 1400 AD 

Military   Redoute,                    closed
(round) stronghold or fortress with earth walls 1400 AD

Vesting  Reinforced city,          Vauban like (Bourtange Nl) 1590 - 1740

Historic  Palace,                       stone building with extravagance, (Le Louvre
Fr) 1600 AD

Military   Factory / Outpost       made out of what was available (Fort
Nassau Al) 1620 AD

Military   Trench,                       made man ditch with earth
walls for protection

Military   Anti_tank_ditch,         ditch with steep and high sides,
sometimes filled with water

Military   Fort,                            old Vauban like
fortress (Old Fort Henry Ca) 1830 AD

Military   Emplacement             site
to setup one or more artillery guns

Military   Inundation_canal        canal
specific for inundations

Military   Inundation_lock          lock
or sluice to let large amounts of water in, no ships

Military   Inundation_dike          dike
special made to keep the water in

Military   Fortification,               collection of bunkers and shelters (Fort Eben Emael) 1935

Historic   Abandoned                (military)
structure left without care or destruction

Military   Embankment,             possible
route through inundated areas And I didnt find tags for them either, should they become tags to and made into a proposition ? I dont expect to be the first one to signal these buildings and obstructions. Or is it better to leave it open ? Although I wouldnt mind to get some reactions.Greetz Hendrik.

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