[Tagging] How to tag the width of a gate

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 12:59:26 GMT 2012

Am 26. Februar 2012 13:53 schrieb Mike Valiant <mike_valiant at hotmail.com>:
> IMHO a physical restriction is as important as a legal restriction. If I
> have a  wide vehicle and I was using routing software using the OSM database
> it would be useful to be able to put in my vehicle's width and then the
> routing software could parse for maxwidth as a restriction along the route.
> There are many places, such as the width of a gate, which would prevent a
> vehicle using a road where there is no legal restriction.
> I think you have just made the tag less useful.

This was discussed intensely some time ago for maxheight, I suggest
you read the archives on this. I agree that a physical restriction is
as important or maybe even more important then a legal one but that
does not mean you have to use the wrong tag for it. Simply use width
(which is a physical description) as all others in this thread have
pointed out. You could also use maxwidth:physical if there is a reason
to do so (say in your country there is signs for this, like it appears
to be for maxheight:physical in some countries).


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