[Tagging] Mapping larger Mini-roundabouts

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 08:13:01 BST 2012

IMO tagging a mini - no matter how large it is - as a way would be
inconsistent with our way we map (most?) features. When mapping a
street, we draw the way where one can drive/go. On a normal roundabout
you can not drive in the middle, that's why we map it as circle. We
agreed on junction=roundabout on a node just for the sake of
simplicity, because otherwise people who don't want to draw circles
tag them with mini_roundabout and our data quality suffers.

Contrary on a mini-roundabout you can drive in the middle (ignoring
any legal restrictions now), that's why we don't draw a loop but just
a junction and add the tag highway=mini_roundabout to the junction
node. Drawing it as a loop would be imo inconsistent.

If you want to specify the dimension of the mini-roundabout I think it
would be sufficient to specify the width of the approaching roads.


2012/6/6 Stephen Hope <slhope at gmail.com>:
> I was away most of last month, and missed most of the discussion of mini and
> normal roundabouts.  However, looking at the wiki now, from what I can tell
> the differences now are
> -Roundabouts can be mapped as a way or node (though way is preferred), mini
> roundabouts only as a node
> -Roundabouts cannot be traversable, mini-roundabouts must be
> So what do I do about a roundabout that has been mapped out as a way, but is
> traversable?  This weekend I ran across a couple of new (to me) traversable
> roundabouts on a street that used to have normal intersections.  When I
> checked to see if they have been updated, they have been mapped as
> roundabout ways. However, both these roundabouts are fully traversable, in
> fact I saw a bus go across one.  How should this be tagged?  I
> don't particularly want to remove the mapped way to tag as a node - if it
> wasn't mapped as a way and was a normal capped roundabout I'd probably be
> mapping it as a way myself.  Can we use a way marked as mini-roundabout?
> Photo of one of these here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21448164/IMG_0169C.jpg
> Or another idea - since there are many mini-roundabouts tagged that aren't
> really, so the tag is quite polluted at this time, and the only big
> difference I can see now is if it is traversable or not, maybe we should
> ignore mini-roundabout all together, just use roundabout and
> traversable=yes/no.
> Stephen
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