[Tagging] dispute about center island in a turning circle

Ronnie Soak chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 13 15:16:34 GMT 2012

May I ask were the definition of 'turning_cycle' comes from?
(I'm not a native English speaker)

As far as I've read on the wiki, it's a standing term in the UK
describing the 'widened end of a road intended to enable easier
turning of vehicles' and does not necessarily have to be of a circle

So, when even the shape is not fixed, isn't the overall intention of
the term to describe something the eases turning? Where does the 'does
not have a central island' come from?
It's just another shape. Call it 'toroid' if you will. Isn't the
intention the same?

By the way: I would also just draw it as a circular way, but would at
least think about tagging the whole thing as 'turning_cicle'.


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