[Tagging] Openstreetview or similar and JOSM integration

Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Thu May 10 11:09:09 BST 2012

2012.05.10. 10:29 keltezéssel, Martin Vonwald írta:
> Is there any (planned) project out there, where one can upload
> geotagged photos, maybe view them on a map and use them directly in
> JOSM? I was thinking about the same way as GPS traces are now uploaded
> to OSM and JOSM can download and display them.
> I know openstreetview but is seems not that much alive to me and it is
> missing JOSM support. Lately I'm doing most of my mapping with photos
> and this might also prove helpful for others. Any hints/ideas?

I was thinking about the same yesterday, when I first tried my new
smartphone that can do geotagged photos plus can do OsmBugs bugreports
on the way. The two could be connected, saving me from typing anything.
E.g. I click for new OsmBugs , and instead writing anything, I just
attach the photo. (Clicking on the spot may be more accurate than using
the GEO info from the photo in some cases.)

Other than that, I could simply send a geo-tagged photo to an e-mail
address and then it would appear on OsmBugs. :-)

OpenStreetView is for presenting nice photos if nice places, isn't it?
It looks so. Not for boring photos of "opening hours" tables and such
SURVEY INFO. :-)  What's your aim?

I would also like to know if there is such a system. (Hoever TAGGING@
may not be the appropriate list for this.)

Huge percent of OsmBugs, MapDust bugs have insufficient description.
Even if their aim is to be as simple as possible, photo option would
radically enhance their usability. (I'll send a link to this mail to
OsmBugs developer.)


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