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fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Sat May 12 17:31:26 BST 2012

On 30/03/12 18:04, Heinrich Knauf wrote:
> Am 29.03.2012 20:02, schrieb Tobias Knerr:
>> Graham Jones wrote:
>>> Err...what does tmc stand for?
>> TMC stands for Traffic Message Channel, see e.g.
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_Message_Channel
>> It's a standardized format for transmitting information about blocked
>> roads, traffic jams, accidents etc. They have IDs for road sections to
>> be able to describe where one of these events has happened, and mapping
>> these IDs in OSM would make it possible to use TMC messages in OSM-based
>> navigation software.
>> In Germany, we had a huge discussion about TMC a while ago because the
>> previous tagging scheme for TMC IDs was pretty horrible - see this node
>> for example:
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/595024
>> So I'm happy that there is now a much more sensible proposal available.
>> Heinrich Knauf wrote:
>>>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:Proposed_features/New_TMC_scheme
>> This is clearly a massive improvement. The long and detailed description
>> makes it look a bit more complicated than it really is, but considering
>> that it also gives some background about how TMC works and explains why
>> the proposal makes these exact suggestions, the length of the text seems
>> reasonable.
>> Apart from the obvious improvements (shorter keys, country codes instead
>> of numbers etc.), I especially appreciate that it should be relatively
>> hard to break even if you don't know much about it. You can still split
>> a way with tmc=... tag or move some of its nodes without causing any
>> harm. And if you do break something nevertheless, it will probably be
>> easy to spot most of the time.
>> So, I think this proposal is as mapper-friendly as possible, considering
>> the complex subject matter.
>> Btw, have you considered to create some rendering of these TMC tags to
>> make them more visually accessible?
>> Tobias
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> Hello Tobias,
> thank you for the nice feedback and for your assistance in explaining what TMC is.
> You asked for a means of making tmc tags more accessible? Yes, there might be.
> First, there is our "TMC Inspector" which you may like to try. Visit
> http://osm-tmc.infoware.de/tmc/

The inspector shows wrong data.

Seems to me that the system was not updated after the last proposal changes and
now the tags are mixed up.


The DE:*-* and DE:*+* need to be switch the sides of the road.

Cheers fly

By the way:
Where is the tmc location at the boarder ? At the boarder control or at the real
boarder ?

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