[Tagging] Golf courses: clubhouse and course entrance?

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Mon May 21 20:52:36 BST 2012

I'd like to get some input about tagging golf courses as navigation targets.

I found a detailed page describing the tagging for the actual sporting 
areas (tees, greens etc) but no clear pointers about how to tag things 
to get you to the course in the first place. The club house building is 
often in the middle of nowhere and often not near the centroid of the 
course. So to get a POI usable for navigation, we should have some way 
of indicating the clubhouse (and the associated parking areas) and/or 
the entrance (road).

The clubhouse could be a {leisure=sports_centre,sport=golf} but calling 
it a sports centre might be stretching the imagination a bit. Maybe 

Assuming the public entrance road crosses the boundary of the course 
area at some point, a shared node with entrance=yes might be useful for 

Does anyone have any suggestions how these can best be tagged?


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