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Thanks for all the replies.  I will add those POIs to OSM.
This post is asking taggers and OSMOSE, OSMI et al customers to check that

  * the highlighted fake node's tags are correct and everything that's
    needed for the genuine way's tag
  * the nodes are, /*or what should be changed to be*/, visible in OSM*
    et al but not obtrusive
  * the instructions are understandable (style suggestions welcome)

Let's be sure to be definitive, once started to be removed, there will 
be no comeback.
I have presently added one sample at 50.53035 5.71307 
The JOSM filter /*maxspeed:30*/ (or /*:**/ for any speed) with I(nvert) 
check mark displays only speed limits, fake or real.

> 2012/11/20 Jo <winfixit at gmail.com <mailto:winfixit at gmail.com>>
> What you really want to do is apply the speed limits to the OSM ways:
> maxspeed=30
> source:maxspeed=zone30.
> But the source file has nodes.
> Is there a way to feed all these nodes into Openstreetbugs 
> automatically and then ask the Belgian population to fix those 
> 'bugs'/'improvement requests' in their region?
> Polyglot
Ja, это είναι waß yo will faire :-)
As there were no adverse reactions, I will globally move all the POIs to 
OSM swiftly.
I trust the promoters of this project will organize the update and removal.
I formerly suggested a way of doing it (alerting volunteer taggers of 
OpenStreetBugs updates).

On 2012-11-20 10:56, Stefano Fraccaro wrote :
> It's not possible to apply the same JOSM preset to all nodes at one time?
> If the case, maybe I can write a short program to do that (in C# 
> language).
Yes it can, Stefano, thanks (otherwise I would have written a perl 
script, they do marvels 
It can be done in one revertible operation, by one man.

Here are the tags that will be, let's say by the week end.

note=temporary node until nearby way speed limit is set
FIXME:tag same maxpeed and source:maxspeed onto the span of nearby way, 
then delete this node
name[as of source]=states town and street so that incorrect coordinated 
can be detected.

The next phase will be to extract converted and existing (?) limits to 
POI files.
Simplest method, anyone? (I need a rest and something else to do)



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