[Tagging] Narrow Bridge

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Sun Oct 14 10:50:48 BST 2012

> The standard English term for a bridge that is only wide enough for one vehicle to pass through at a time is a "one-lane bridge".  In the same way, a roadway only wide enough for one vehicle at a time is a "one-lane road".  The bridge or road is visibly only one lane wide; painting lane markings on it to point out its narrowness would be redundant.

Back to my initial case in Madagascar. I'm first talking about major 
roads where two vehicles (incl. trucks) can cross without lowering there 
speeds. Although there is not central line (except in curves), there is 
virtually two lanes.

I understand that there is some redundancy between lanes=* and width=*, 
especially for for roads without painted lanes. But I like lanes=* for a 
rough description of the gauge.

About the bridge, there is usually a road sign announcing the narrowing:
It may be completed with a stop a each end of the narrow passage and 
sometime with a bump. Without bump, you may cross the bridge at full 
speed if no other vehicle is arriving in front. Otherwise, first 
engaged, first served ;-) So lanes=1 corresponds to the bridge, although 
width=* would be better but hard to determine.


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