[Tagging] Conditional restrictions accepted - turn restrictions ahead?

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Tue Oct 16 23:31:00 GMT 2012

On 17.10.2012 00:38, Eckhart Wörner wrote:
>> restriction = no_u_turn
>> applies = no (to switch it off for all transportation modes)
>> applies:hgv = yes (to switch it back on for HGVs)
> yeah, that's the idea. The implied default would be something like "applies=yes, applies:foot=no" so that by default, turn restrictions apply to everyone but pedestrians.

It's not a bad solution. With the implied 'yes', I expect you would
repeatedly see errors like this, though:

restriction = no_...
applies:conditional = yes @ 08:00-18:00

This trap would not exist with restriction:hgv=*,
restriction:conditional=* and so on, because there you would not rely on
an implicit default.


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