[Tagging] How to tag: Legally separated ways (2nd Part)

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Wed Oct 17 13:50:51 GMT 2012

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 2:06 AM, Martin Vonwald <imagic.osm at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi (again)!
> Thanks for all the answers. I would like to ask three more (the last
> one for this week - promised!):
> Same image as before:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Lanes_Example_2.png
> Now consider part 4 to 6. At what point would you split the way coming
> from part 4?
> a) Before the end of part 4
> b) At the end of part 4/start of part 5
> c) In the middle of part 5
> d) At the end of part 5/start of part 6

a) 4 lanes.
b) Split to two ways of two lanes.
c) Two ways of two lanes.
d) Two ways of two lanes.

> Two more questions to slip lanes:
> Where would you start the way of a deceleration lane?
> a) At the beginning of the lane
> b) In the middle of the lane
> c) At that point where it is legally not possible to leave/enter the
> deceleration lane
> d) At that point where the lane is physically separated from the motorway
> e) Tell me!

The centerlines should follow the centerlines, but where you have the fork,
I'll taper from just before the solid lines start to the start of the
physical separation.  The //// hashmarks on the shoulder indicating a no
travel/no stopping area make a handy reference.

> Where would you join the way of a acceleration lane with the way of
> the motorway?
> a) Where the physical separation ends
> b) Where the legal separation ends
> c) In the middle of the acceleration lane
> d) At the end of the acceleration lane
> e) Tell me!

I usually join it in where the //// hashmarks are on the shoulder just
after the end of the acceleration lane, tapering in from the end of
physical seperation.
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