[Tagging] Standard for external links to location based services

Simone Saviolo simone.saviolo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 16:16:33 BST 2012

Peter, Eugene, I think we've reached consensus here (have these words ever
been said in an OSM mailing list? :-D ). Of the tags Eugene listed about
the restaurant in Berlin, I'd only tentatively keep link:facebook and
link:google+, but I am not able to judge how much of the content is
relevant and how much of it is just customers reviews.

Peter, I am just a little bit dubious about the guideline you described. A
good marketing campaign would include (if multiple social services are
used) a website with the main content and regular posts on the social
networks about instant news. Usually the website would have a link to those
social networks, so tagging the website alone would be all that's needed.
However, suppose the website of a restaurant shows one type of information
(maybe something static like the menu) and all the "important" news is on
the restaurant's Facebook page, which is not linked to from the site. Or
suppose that different services (the website, the Facebook page, and the
Twitter stream) provided different kinds of information and contact. Would
you be for or against tagging them all, in that case?


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