[Tagging] How to tag: road in Luxembourgish park with unclear status

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Sun Oct 21 20:01:15 GMT 2012

Road classification... such a difficult subject in many countries.

For the part that inhabitants can use, highway=residential and 

After, for me, the road is large enough for a car but motor vehicles are 
prohibited -> highway = pedestrian. Don't care about park maintenance.

until picture 9.

At this point, a car can't use it.

highway=footway : a intentionally organized way for pedestrians. 
(opposite to highway=path for way that appears after repeated use by 
pedestrians but not intentionally made for).

In booth cases (pedestrian and footway), bicycle status is not clear by 
default. Clear indication is welcome : bicycle = yes (assuming that the 
way is mostly designed for pedestrian).

Photo11 : I never now if it is mostly designed for bicycle 
(highway=cycleway) or for pedestrians (highway=footway).

segregated=no to indicate mixing of both type of users.



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