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Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 08:35:38 UTC 2013

Thanks for your useful comments, which essentially reflect the reasons for
which I brought up the issue. Objective criteria are difficult to define.
In particular max_width and max_length are useless because they are linked

Locally here things are relatively easy. Basically all of the bicycle
barriers they have put on the cycle paths here will block trailers and
tandems (which I had forgotten to mention), some will block even normal
bicycles and wheelchairs (yes!).
I think there is not much else one can do than to add
based on personal judgement.


On 28 August 2013 02:58, John F. Eldredge <john at jfeldredge.com> wrote:

> One can tag the maximum width that can fit through, given zero length, and
> can tag the maximum length that can fit through, given zero width, but a
> trailer that has BOTH the maximum length and maximum width will not fit
> through. You can't readily predict in advance whether a real-life trailer
> that comes close to either maximum will fit through without examining the
> chicane.
> Bryce Nesbitt <bryce2 at obviously.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 11:36 AM, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Taginfo shows 8 uses of bicycle:trailer - this is certainly not a
>>> widespread use.
>>> Should I simply systematically use bicycle:trailer=no and hope that
>>> others follow? Or formulate a proposal and ask for votes? Any other ideas?
>> As the owner of a very narrow bicycle trailer:  tag the width.
>> You don't know if *my* trailer fits.
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:width
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