[Tagging] bicycle barriers open issue: bicycle trailors

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Aug 28 09:02:50 UTC 2013

Am 28.08.2013 10:35, schrieb Volker Schmidt:
> Thanks for your useful comments, which essentially reflect the reasons for
> which I brought up the issue. Objective criteria are difficult to define.
> In particular max_width and max_length are useless because they are linked
> variables.
> Locally here things are relatively easy. Basically all of the bicycle
> barriers they have put on the cycle paths here will block trailers and
> tandems (which I had forgotten to mention), some will block even normal
> bicycles and wheelchairs (yes!).
> I think there is not much else one can do than to add
> bicycle:trailer=no
> and
> bicycle:tandem=no
> based on personal judgement.
Leave it blank, IMHO it should be based on personal judgement - but
personal judgement of the tandem drivers, trailer-drivers and so on, not
personal judgement of the mapper.
Even if I'm allowed to access and use a track grade 5, I would not do it
with a lowered Ferrari, but that's nothing for the map.
If I drive a unusual long bicycle (e.g. a tandem) I should judge myself
if it's possible to use cycle-barriers or not, as well as with a
wheelchair etc.

bicycle:trailer=no would say "it's not ALLOWED to cross this barrier
with a trailer" - and that is simple but wrong.7


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