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Interesting. Sounds like the equivalent of a hostel or mountain hut used by hikers or skiers but for equistrians.

I don't know much about horses or the facilities for them. I know there are several buildings at the place I want to map one of which has been called a bunk house and another that looks like it is for storage. And there are some corrals. The road to the facility is closed in winter in an area I do some ski touring and would like to properly map, more for skiing than for summer use and the site is a definite landmark.

I looked at the business's website and it appears that they do guided day trips as well as the more traditional freight hauling so riding stables might be appropriate for some of the function. But it does not appear that they will board horses that don't belong to them nor do they have overnight facilities for the riders. If my reading of the trail riding station page is accurate, it seems that would rule out that tagging for this facility.

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> I took a look around and likely the closest match, albeit still a far one, would be "Trail riding station" which is listed among features on the page http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Riding .  It is telling that though there are ~500 used instances of route=horse, there are no instances for either route=mule, route=donkey or route=pack_animal.  So I think that the whole matter of mapping verrry rugged terrain where only pack animals have a reasonable chance of traversing terrain is relatively un-addressed so far.  In the case you are looking at, what type of route are you working with?  Does it have a designated or preferred animal permissive?  Or is it a standard horse route which would be tagged with smoothness=impassable and surface=ground?  --ceyockey
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