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Egil Hjelmeland privat at egil-hjelmeland.no
Sun Dec 1 14:18:56 UTC 2013

On 01. des. 2013 09:52, yvecai wrote:
> On 11/30/2013 06:40 PM, Egil Hjelmeland wrote:
>> So my revised suggestion to tag a webcam public on internet is
>> man_made=surveillance
>> surveillance= indoor|outdoor|public *
>> surveillance:type=camera *
>> surveillance:zone=weather|traffic|scenic *
>> contact:webcam=<url>
>> name=*
>> operator=*
>> description=*
>> camera:direction= compass degrees *
>> camera:angle = horizontal angle of view  *
>> * means optional
> This sound completely crazy to me.
> Why not:
>      man_made:surveillance:url:contact=http://... ; 
> image_only_it's_a_camera_please_do_not_phone_the_device
> A newbie looking for a way to map a webcam will just not map it.
> A scheme with camera=webcam/surveillance/... url=* should be 
> sufficient, like Nounours proposed.
> Having a new proposal with a camera=... key is a big task, but 
> "man_made=surveillance" seems insanely pompous to me.
> Yves
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I did not initially want "man_made=surveillance", but I was met with 
strong opinions against splitting from "man_made=surveillance". And, yes 
it can be argued that there is a lot of overlap between surveillance 
webcameras and tourist webcams. I too think that it would be more 
logical that the primary key for camera was "camera", and that the 
purpose (surveilance|weather) was a secondary key. But given 21 735 
"man_made=surveillance" it is too late now.

I am not at all interested in spending months of my life arguing about 
an elaborate schemes for cameras. I will just Get It Done.

I think the key here is to use contact:webcam=<url> . That alone is 
enough to get make an overlay map of webcams. And it makes sense to 
reuse much of man_made=surveillance tags for more detailed annotations.


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