[Tagging] How to tag babycare?

Satoshi IIDA nyampire at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 09:23:59 UTC 2013

Hi list,

I'm a bit wondering how to tag following babycare amenities.
Possibly those are additional feature for childcare 2.0 schema, but usable
with other POIs.
(e.g. w/ amenity=cafe, toilet, or so.)

* where to replace baby's diaper.
** according to Taginfo, "diaper=[yes|no|room]" ?

* where to access with stroller/pushchair
** according to Taginfo, "stroller=[yes|no|limited]"?
** very similar schema as "wheelchair=*".

* where to feed milk to baby.
** Maybe "feed=*" or "feeding=*"?
*** According to Taginfo, those tags are to feed domestic animals.
** Maybe "nursery=*"?
*** But this definition is conflict with childcare 2.0 definition.
** possible values are [yes|no]. or others?


Satoshi IIDA
mail: nyampire at gmail.com
twitter: @nyampire
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