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Дмитрий Киселев dmitry.v.kiselev at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 10:14:13 GMT 2013

Hi all.

How to map a resort territory.
Big resorts offtenly have their own territory with swimming pools,
parks, parkings, aquaparks, beach, sport-pitches and even more.

How to tag such territories?
I like landuse=resort

Why no tourism=hotel or leisure=resort
I didn't like leisure=resort because  in such case we will have
leisure inside leisure in case of swimmingpools or pitch inside

I didn't like tourism=hotel because
1) sometime resorts have 2 or more hotels inside (it may 2 different
buildings new one and old and sometimes rooms in them sold separatly
like two different hotels with common territory)
2) tourism=hotel already commonly used with different meaning.

What do you says?

Best regard
dmitry.v.kiselev at gmail.com

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