[Tagging] Proposition for a classification of path

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Feb 28 08:47:38 UTC 2013

Am 28.02.2013 00:05, schrieb Balaitous:
> Hi,
> You insinuate that I want to remove the other tags characterizing paths.
> This is false.
> What I propose is a new tag providing a summarized information, such
> that no algorithm can do.
> Besides, I think we should also tag of the markup, like
> markup=yes/no
> markup:quality= scale from 1 to 5
> markup:type= paint/cairn/...
>> Speaking as someone who deals with databases every day at work, given separate pieces of information, you can always combine them at need.
> It's true, but it's not a simple problem, and I think it's better done
> by human brain instead of computer, and even more difficult if a lot of
> separate pieces are missing.
> (It's a fact, specifics tags are low used)
But to be useful this value has to be decided by a human brain based on 
the same rules and the same comparisons everywhere.
Now you not only leave out the calculation formula that a computer would 
use, you only say "well, it's a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is the worst 
and 5 is the best" (or the other way around; who cares). Now take 
someone out of the Tanzanian outback, where even what we would tag as 
primary streets have sand or ground surface, aren't smooth. If there are 
paths tagged, their scale usually will be a different than I would take 
in a German city, as a street with asphalt ground where a few potholes 
are isn't a good street any more.
>> If all you have is the composite data, it isn't always possible to derive the details.
> Never possible !
> But who wan't to remove all detail information ?
The path classification will in fact give the feeling to some up to many 
mappers that they don't have to fill in the details, because everything 
is said already by adding that single classification tag, and nobody can 
pull out of the result the details again.

You didn't propose to remove detail information, but you propose to make 
them factual obsolete by claiming, data users would better use your 
classification tag. Adding detail information would as a result not give 
any benefit for any usage scenario that only uses this classification 
directly, so some mappers will skip the details in future.


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