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I have a practical case at hand where an energy specialist in one international development institution is thrilled about the possibility of OSM providing a platform where "all" the details of the electricity network of one developing country. Something that no one has been able to do because different stakeholders can't come to an agreement who would be the guardians of such data (and share it to others). .. Which is why nobody really knows how much of the country is electrified (given the fragmented nature of the country and various development programs in it).

This is not (yet) an existing in the db case but I'll be exploring with him the possibility in the next half year--year. And while I'm not sure if they'd ever need all the details that are on the table now it's been clear that the people I've talked with about this have been very happy with the basic idea of OSM being "welcoming" to all verifiable objects that exist in the real world.

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On 22/05/2013 17:26, Frank Villaro-Dixon wrote:
> 	I wonder if this level of granularity is really that useful ?
> Where's the limit ? I mean: without knowing all the complete diagram,
> all of that is a bit useless, no ?
> 	Correct me if I'm wrong, but it would be like changing from mapping
> only the signals/signs on the railroads to mapping each of the elements
> of the railroad such as the level-crossing sensors, speed-control
> beacons, axle counters, data pickup units, etc..
> 	IDK, maybe this is used somewhere (In that case, I'd love to see a
> pratical example ;) ).

Whether such detailed mapping is useful only time can tell but there are 
certainly mappers who want to add such information. From Taginfo: 
power=busbar (13795), power=switch (8591), power=transformer (8958) to 
mention the most frequently used substation component tags.
With this proposal I have tried to define the granularity at which 
substations should be mapped. For example busbars and bays should be 
mapped at the circuit level, not as individual conductors. With the 
exception of power=switch (because it is so popular) it is recommended 
not to map bay components (disconnectors, instrument transformers, surge 
arresters etc) or other fine details.

Ole N

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