[Tagging] New feature: amenity=creche

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Nov 6 12:38:20 UTC 2013

Gilbert Hangartner <kuessemondtaeglich at gmail.com> writes:

> I wrote a proposal to correctly tag "Crèches" or "Childcare-centres"
> or "Daycare-centrers" or "Kindertagesstätte". Thank you in advance for
> your comments and thoughts.

My reaction on seeing the subject was that creches are not amenities,
but temporary religious displays for the holidays!

But seriously, in the US, the place where people leave their children
while they work is called "day care".

And in the US the word "creche" refers to a display of a manger, Mary,
Joseph, baby Jesus, three wise wen, shepards, and sheep, typically about
0.25 m wide in a home, but occasionally several m wide in public,
typically in front of churches.  Almost always they are displayed only
in Decemeber, plus or minus a bit.

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