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2013/11/14 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>

> 2013/11/14 Ronnie Soak <chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com>
>> For the access tags (and we do discuss access tags here), it is common
>> practice to have country-specific defaults on certain highway types as
>> listed in the wiki [1] and only tag what contradicts those defaults.
> I'm not sure any of the current routers uses these country specific
> defaults. My guess is that "normal" roads will always be allowed for
> everybody except specified explicitly differently, and motorways and roads
> with motorroad=yes will exclude certain slow vehicles. Cycleways will allow
> cycling and footways walking and usually not cycling. If some country
> specific defaults are different and nothing is tagged, it probably won't
> work. Usually mappers do add "default" properties explicitly on roads and
> ways, and the more mature a region is mapped, the more of those attributes
> you'd usually find.
> cheers,
> Martin
> I think many mappers are very happy with these country specific access
rules. This will prevent an overload of tags on roads. There is only one
router I know personnaly and that is the creator of the Openfietsmap
<http://www.openfietsmap.nl/home>Garmin map. His map (lite version) is
also worldwide
He uses this country specific scheme.

Part of his script is here. I think it makes clear that trunk roads are not
accessabel for bicycles in some countries regardless of any "bicycle=no"

highway=trunk & mkgmap:country ~
DNK|HUN|ROU)' { set highway=motorway }
highway=trunk & bicycle=no { set highway=motorway }
highway=trunk { set highway=primary }

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