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Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Thu Nov 21 09:31:09 UTC 2013

On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 12:53:56AM +0100, François Lacombe wrote:
> Hi,
> A discussion on French list seems to enlight a spelling problem about
> telecom=central_office tag.
> Currently, buildings hosting telecom local loops connection nodes are
> tagged with telecom=central_office, mainly in France according to taginfo
> http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/telecom#map
> Such connection nodes may concern copper local loops and/or optical local
> loops.
> Is "Central Office" the right english term for all kind of nodes ?
> Can we write "telecom" without and ending *s* ?
> Warn : both optical and copper may be hosted in the same building.
> According to this page :
> http://books.google.fr/books?id=wBBt_sK0WHYC&pg=PA109&lpg=PA109&dq=%22optical+connection+node%22&source=bl&ots=cJHuD4Qax9&sig=kE-RhjA3wXq7jdn_O6kTgxECND0&hl=fr&sa=X&ei=nUCNUoa4MMqV0QWAuoD4Ag&ved=0CF4Q6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=%22optical%20connection%20node%22&f=false
> Subscriber Connection Node = Building where copper customers are connected
> to network.
> Optical Connection Node = Building where domestic optical customers are
> connected to network.
> Can a native english speaking member can help us with this issue ?
> Then, telecom=central_office is only used < 1500 times, refine it if
> necessarily would be pretty easy.

Germany had an import from all "Deutsche Telekom" COs  

Example http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/307194821

Its a man_made=MDF (Main Distribution Frame) - ONKZ is the area code
which is variable length in Germany and we have approx. ~6000 of them.

A CO/MDF in Germany will be identified through their Area-Code ONKZ
and the ASB (Anschlussbereich) which is a segment of that area code.

But i'd favour a group of "telecomunication" based tags. There is more
to be mapped e.g. what we call Kabelverzweiger (Kvz)


or the German "Oberirdische Linie" e.g. poles for telecommunication
cables. Most cables in Germany are in the ground except in the "Outback"
where we have utility poles. But typically we dont have utility pole
sharing between telecommunication and power.


Florian Lohoff                                                 f at zz.de
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