[Tagging] Usefulness of bicycle=dismount on ways

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 16:18:13 UTC 2013

2013/10/7 fly <lowflight66 at googlemail.com>

> You are allowed to push your bike on every footway/pedestrian plus ways
> with vehicle=no. E.g. it is useless. Either you are allowed to ride
> (bicycle=yes/designated) or not (bicycle=no or vehicle=no)

I agree that bicycle=dismount seems useless, at least as long as you only
look at public ways in Germany (and probably in most countries), but there
are a lot of places where you can walk but you cannot bring your bicycle,
not even pushing. E.g. in shopping malls and on private squares there might
be restrictions. Then again there might be further distinctions (e.g. "are
you allowed to carry your bike"? What if it is foldable? ...)

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