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> I know buildings on steep areas which have two different ground levels
> so simply building height is really difficult.

this is actually common, you will very often have different levels around a
building, also in more or less even terrain. The solution for architects is
to define a zero-level, sometimes you'd use the level of the road (a given
measurement point with known height level) from where the main entrance is
and other entrances will be on +1 or -1 floor (or even more). According to
German law it is the "natural ground" to take into account (if you're in a
built-up area it will already be defined what is the ground-level). This
level will be defined in the site plan, and all other plans usually refer
to this level, generally by using the (planned) finished floor level of the
ground level as 0.00 for reference in the planning set (and with absolute
reference for this level in the national height system). The ground level
might often be defined by the local authorities in order to avoid cheating
about the maximum ammissible height or number of overground floors.

This is a really import setting for building a structure, as it will very
often define how high you can build, so there will often be an official
definition for this.

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