[Tagging] Usefulness of bicycle=dismount on ways

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Wed Oct 9 14:11:17 UTC 2013

> Georg Feddern <osm at bavarianmallet.de> wrote:
>     Am 07.10.2013 19:13, schrieb Richard Welty:
>         On 10/7/13 1:08 PM, John F. Eldredge wrote:
>             I remember seeing such a "cyclists must dismount" on the
>             narrow footway of a bridge over the James River, in
>             Richmond, Virginia, USA. Not only was the footway narrow,
>             [...] 
>         there's a cyclists must dismount sign for the footway along
>         the Dunn Bridge between Albany and Rensselaer NY.
>     well, if it is tagged as highway=footway you already have to dismount - 
>     otherwise it would be tagged as highway=cycleway.
>     So where is the need for a bicycle=dismount here?
you're making an assumption about tagging of ways that may not apply
in some parts of the US, we have true multi-use paths where pedestrians and
cyclists are considered equal users. those are frequently tagged
with access tags to denote the types of uses that are permitted.

for the two bridges i mentioned in the Albany NY area, both are connected to
the multi-use path network along the river and in OSM they're currently


which accurately reflects the signage and legal usage.

if we create tagging schemes where you need to know the whole footway
= dismounted cyclist scheme, then you will end up with mistagging by those
who aren't aware of the distinction. we are better off, i think, if the
maps in an obvious way to the signs we see.


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