[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Substation Refinement

alessandro zardo bredyfox at yahoo.it
Mon Sep 2 09:27:27 UTC 2013

> It's already used for the poles but don't you think it's transformers
> which deserve the most the usage of power=* ?

>In this case no.
>From an electrical viewpoint the transformer is of course important. However, is this the most important aspect for the average user? You see a pole in >a row of poles and this particular one happens to have some kind of lump attached to the top. It may be useful to tag this fact for navigational purposes >but it is otherwise of doubtful use. Very few users will be interested in the details of that transformer or its connections to the grid. Even when I'm >interested in power grids myself I don't find the lower voltage distribution grids particularly interesting. Furthermore, it is mostly impossible to map the >distribution networks to any degree of completeness due to undergrounding etc. Thus I can't see much need to develop an elaborate tagging for this >reason especially if it is not compatible with the existing tagging practice. However, the average mapper may still want to tag the transformer as an >interesting feature of the pole. An additional
 attribute tag (transformer=yes/*) will be sufficient for that and it won't break anything. Data consumers can >easily extract this information if they need to.

I have the same opinion
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