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> It's also nice to keep things a bit simple in OSM, because all records in
> the database need correct input and maintenance. I'm already seeing a lot
> of confusion on petrol stations. Where I just want to find the nearest fuel
> station (yes, I would like to have 99% coverage of amenity=fuel in OSM
> worldwide) the next thing is already less important: 'is it a Shell or an
> Esso, or ...'. There's not one way, but three to put Shell/Esso in: name,
> brand, operator. I see them mixed up already. Please no extra confusing
> tags with are hard to maintain and to explain.
> Cheers, Johan

The brand might be important for people that own a card related to that
brand. It's no use for them to locate the closest Esso station in case you
need the nearest Total station, even when it requires a detour.

But I'll admit that it would be better to if we could agree on using either
name, brand or operator

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