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Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Mon Apr 28 12:17:16 UTC 2014


On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 12:47:27AM +0200, François Lacombe wrote:
> Nevertheless, we can work right now on references and codification as for
> identifying features more sustainably than using the OSM id.
> All local OSM groups should give details about ref:* tags to map numbers
> seen on cabinets in the street. Do MDF or passive ones have such id in
> Germany ?

Yes - The German Telekom has refs for all their Cabinets although
they are not necessarily on the cabinet itself. Its build from the
ONKZ ASB and a Number whereas the ONKZ (Ortznetzkennzahl) is the
Area Code, the ASB (Anschlussbereich) is basically the ref number of 
the CO/MDF within that Areacode.

I for example am attached to the Cabinet 5242-4-A27.

On the cabinet itself there is a small 4A27 buts that not necessary
the case for all cabinets.

With that number you can build the hierarchy of the network because
the cabinet 5242-4-A27 is connected to the MDF/CO 5242-4.

There are roughly 300000 DTAG street cabinets in germany. Then there are
Unity Media, Kabel Deutschland, KabelBW and other Telecoms who have set
up street cabinets. Without deep knowledge you wont be able
to differentiate them. They bought the cabinets from the same 3-5 Vendors.

> As we are talking about telecoms, I'm not so friendly with the MDF term,
> used in Germany for instance.
> All MDF buildings mapped as such in OSM are central offices (sounds to be
> the right English term) and host MDFs but a lot of other stuff (switches,
> DSLAM, power devices...)

The German term would be HVT ( Hauptverteiler ) and the street cabinet the
KVZ ( Kabelverzweiger ). The larger ones containing DSLAMs are called 
MFG ( Multifunktionsgehäuse ).

As my understanding of english/american terminology comes the CO describes
the building which then contains the MDF and possibly a Voice Switch.

> It's the same for "passive MDF cabinets" in the street : you can find
> multiplexers (ok it's active equipment, but can be remotely powered) which
> is not part of the MDF.

It cant be a MDF - its not the MAIN distribution frame.

> First of all it's a telecom cabinet, and more specific tags can eventually
> give details of inside devices and equipment. But it's out of the scope of
> the current proposal.

Florian Lohoff                                                 f at zz.de
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