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I'd also agree to "optional".

How do you consider my alternative term "free". It is short and positive, but some people may read it as a synonyme of "gratis".


Am 14.12.2014 um 11:52 schrieb tagging-request at openstreetmap.org:

> When I see 'facultatif' in French, I normally translate this as 
> 'optional' in English. You will find 'facultative' in the Oxford English 
> Dictionary, but it will be a meaningless word to most English people.
> Steve
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>>> On 12/12/2014 13:13, Ulrich Lamm wrote:
>>>> Seehttps://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Ulamm/Tables_of_street_layouts
>>> This could benefit from an explanation of what problem you're trying to
>>> solve here.  The wiki's full of "I think we should tag X like Y" pages
>>> but without any arguments for a change to motivate mappers to change
>>> their habits it's not going to happen.
>>> Currently, for example, "obligatory" is used only 40 times, and 10 of
>>> those are "nudism":
>>> http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=obligatory#values
>>> Also the mainly biological term "facultative" is used as if it's an
>>> accepted tag, but there are only 49 uses, in the centre of Bremen:
>>> http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/cycleway=facultative
>>> (and it's not common English by any stretch of the imagination - maybe
>>> versions of it are more used in Romance languages where the latin root
>>> is more obvious)
>>> Cheers,
>>> Andy
>> All tags I've written in purple are innovative. I. e., they are an 
>> outcome of logical delibaration, not a record of frequent practice.
>> Even myself I didn't use them before suggesting them.
>> But only watching practice, we'll never get a set of uneqivocal tools.
>> As I've written in the "notes", I have preferred the term 
>> "obligatory", as it is common in many languages, and it is part of the 
>> official description of the round blue French traffic sign "piste ou 
>> bande cyclable obligatoire" = "obligatory cycletrack or cycle lane".
>> The counterpart (rectangular blue French sign)  is "piste ou bande 
>> cyclable conseillée et réservée" = "advisory-and-reserved cycletrack 
>> or cycle lane". There, I suggest "facultative" or simply "free" for 
>> cycletracks and "soft_lane" fpr cycle lanes. That kind of cycletracks 
>> (in Germany "Radweg ohne Benutzungspflicht", cycletrack-design without 
>> signpost) may be used only by cyclists, but needn't be used by them. 
>> The British traffic law has a similar status for its _strict_ cycle 
>> lanes, called "mandatory", which puzzles readers of other native 
>> languages, as according to dicitionaries "mandatory" is almost 
>> synonyme with "obligatory".
>> I think it doesn't matter if the term "obligatory" or the term 
>> "facultative" is also used for other than road traffic features, 
>> unless the other usage would be in contradiction to the road traffic use.
>> Cheers
>> Ulrich

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